Monday, 2 August 2010

Invent-10n PART 3

I spent Saturday and Sunday morning going thru Invent-10n, and in all I thought it was time pretty well invested. I followed John's advice and tried to pull back a little on the sex and to make some of the descriptive elements a little less flowery and I think the story benefitted. I also included two new scenes for the principal, Jim Smith, two of which I thought worked well, the third I'll await John's opinion on. Fortunately the additions are balanced by the cuts so the story still weighs in at just north of 36,000 words.

JJ's going to pitch it to InterZone first. This is, I think, a long short, after all nobody knows me from a hole in the ground but it'll be interesting to see their comments. It would though be great to get it into InterZone: it's the longest running and most revered SF magazine in the UK. Unfortunately, according to JJ, it takes months for magazines to respond to stories pitched to them so I guess I'm gonna have to be patient.

One surprise yesterday: someone has put a reference to 'The Demi-Monde' on the demiminde Wiki article. I'm trying to track down who it was.

In the afternoon I went to see Toy Story 3 with the girls: brilliant!

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