Wednesday, 11 August 2010


One of the subtleties of proofing was brought home to be yesterday.

The religions of the Demi-Monde are steeped in Norse mythology so I used the word 'Hel' when Demi-Mondians were speaking as opposed to 'Hell' when the speaker was a Real Worlder.

This I now see was too clever by half. A couple of weeks back Rod Beard of Quercus sent me an e-mail after reading the book saying that he wasn't sure if Hel was a typo so I made an amendment to the book and included a definition of Hel in the glossary of DM Speak. That I thought was the end of it. Unfortunately yesterday Nigel (of web site fame) who has also been reading the book mentioned the same thing so it was obvious that this was a problem.

Fortunately Rich came to the rescue. From now on it's going to be 'hell' and 'Hel' which hopefully will solve the problem.

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