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I thought I spend the next couple of blogs giving a sort of potted history of the Demi-Monde.


By 2012 the US miltary found itself involved in a variety of Asymmetric Warfare Environments (AWE) around the world. The low score of Battle Performance Indices registered by neoFights (soldiers/officers without previous combat experience) caused by battle-naiviety persuaded the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) to commission a a hyper-realistic AWE simulation that would allow neoFights to enjoy pre-fight experience of the visceral emotional impact of warfighting in an AWE.

The tender was won by ParaDigm CyberResearch Limited of the United Kingdom with their product, the Demi-Monde.

The Demi-Monde is the most  sophisticated and powerful warfare simulation product ever. It is the first simulation product ever to be platformed on and operated by the ABBA quantum computer, a computing engine of such power that it has enabled ParaDigm to populate the Demi-Monde with 30 million fully independent, discriminating, cogent and self-motivated digital duplicates (Dupes). These Dupes have been placed in five diverse (diverse both racially and socio-politically) Sectors designed to faithfully mimic the discontinuous, disharmonic and diverse warfare milieus of Asymmetric Warfare Environments.

Such is the prodigous process ing power of ABBA that the Demi-Monde is the first and only simulation product to be Heuristically Capable allowing the Dupes to evolve over time and to interact with neoFights in a wholly convincing and totally unpredictable manner. So succesful was this that in β-testing the Demi-Monde achieved a Realism Quotient of an unprecedented 9.9. Such a score means that, to all intents and purposes, for all Players the Demi-Monde experience is indistinguishable from Real Life. Moreover in β-testing the Demi-Monde has achieved a Battle Performance Indice of 167.56%. vis a vis currently employed training metodologies.
In summary: the Demi-Monde provides the perfect environment where US Combat Personnel - be they neoFights, seasoned BattlePersonnel, grunts, NCOs, officers or squads - can be trained and evaluated in both a cost-effective and performance-effective manner in AWE situations of the most accurate, convincing and challenging kind, and where new TTPs (tactics, techniques and procedures) may be subjected to Extreme Action Testing. It is estimated the Demi-Monde will save the US Military over $54.35 billion in training, hospitalisation, welfare and mortuary costs in each fiscal year. The Demi-Monde truely is a 5th Generation solution to the problems of fighting 4th Generation Wars.

The Demi-Monde is a sealed, circular world with a diameter of 30 miles. It is surrounded by an impenetrable, though transparent, Boundary Layer, beyond which the world appears to be grass/woodland which disappears off towards the horizon and which is known as the Great Beyond. Only light, wind, the excreta of ExCreatures and the waters of the Spoke Rivers penetrate the Boundary Layer.

The Demi-Monde is divided into four distinct bands, distinct both Geographically and Edaphologically:

  • Terror Incognita: the central area of the Demi-Monde which is off-limits to Dupes and is earmarked for future cyber-development.
  • The Hub: four mile wide band of undeveloped band of grassland which is home for the ferocoious Hub nanoBite. These nanoBites occupy all but the 6 inches below the surface of the HubLand topsoil. As these are the most voracious of all the nanoBites found in the Demi-Monde, no deep-rooted plant or burrowing animal can survive in the Hub. The Hub nanoBites are active from the 60th day of Spring (‘ThawsDay’) until the 90th day of Autumn: they are in hibernation through Winter/early Spring.
  • The Urban Band: the six mile wide band which is home for the 30 million inhabitants of the Demi-Monde. This is the 6 mile wide band stretching between the Hub and the Boundary Layer. As Urban nanoBites are only found below a depth of over five feet and are less voracious and destructive than their Hub-dwelling cousins, it is possible to build into the 30 foot of topsoil and for burrowing animals and more deep rooted plants to survive in this area.
  • The Industrial Zone: the outer band of the Demi-Monde from where all agricultural and industrial products eminate.
The surface of the Demi-Monde is composed of soil of variable consistency which reaches down to a depth of 30 feet beneath which is an impenetrable Mantle composed of a cyber-substance called Mantle-ite.

The Demi-Monde rises in height from the Boundary to centre of Terror Incognita, the centre being 200 feet higher than the Boundary Level.

There are six rivers in the Demi-Monde which radiate out from the Terror Incognita and divide the Demi-Monde (rather like slices of a cake) into five Sectors. The Spoke Rivers rise in the central Hub lake - Mare Incognitum - flow Boundary-wise and define the borders of the Sectors. These Spoke Rivers are: the Thames, the Rhine, the Volga, the Yangtze and the Nile.

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