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The Demi-Monde is populated by thirty million NowLive Dupes - digital duplicates - each Dupe based on a real person living in the Real World. This has been achieved by ABBA accessing databanks using ParaDigm’s BaQTraQ data-mining package to acquire the DNA profiles and fullscope information regarding the physical and emotional characteristics, the personality traits, the educational/skills and the predilections of citizens of the cities upon which each District in each Sector of the Demi-Monde is based.

Once modelled, these Dupes are conditioned to regard the Demi-Monde as their home: they have no memory of the Real World. They are however provided with an appropriate and fully functional memory of his or her life as a Demi-Mondian prior to the OutSet of the Demi-Monde plus a realistically flawed ancestral memory.

In addition to the NowLive Dupes a small coterie of PreLived Dupes have been infiltrated into the Demi-Monde. These PreLived Dupes are Singularities (aka Psychotics or Dark Charismatics) modelled on historic personages, the use of Singularities being considered necessary to provide neoFights with the hi-level adversarial leadership threat absent in all other AWE simulations. Each of the five Sectors of the Demi-Monde has been furnished with three PreLived Singularities (one each of an α-Class, a β-Class and a γ-Class) and one PreLived α-Class Religious Fanatic. Each of these four über-Dupes flawlwssly mimics the hostroical figure thay represent with regard to their ambition, viciousness, and psychotic disposition. These Singularities provide the requisite level of aberrational leadership to make the Demi-Monde a combative and amoral world mirroring the situation prevalent in real AWEs. The α-Class Religious Fanatic is designed to provide the requisite amount of religious tension and disharmony often seen in AWEs.

In order to achieve the diversity of racial and socio/economic environments available for neoFights to sample and experience, and to generate the requisite level of Intra-Personal and Inter-Sectorial DisHarmonics the Demi-Monde population has been divided equally, at the OutSet of the simulation, between five discrete, diverse but mutually interdependent and antagonistic Sectors, thus:

The Rookeries: The OutSet population is predominantly Anglo-Saxon, the common language English and the dominant religion UnFunDaMentalism. Populations are drawn from London, Berlin and New York.

The Quartier Chaud: The OutSet population is predominantly of Mediterranean stock, the common language French and the dominant religion ImPuritanism. Populations are drawn from Paris, Rome, Venice and Barcelona.

NoirVille: The OutSet population is predominantly Arabic/African (with the gender mix skewed 2:1 in favour of males), the common language Arabic and the dominant religion HimPerialism. Populations are drawn from Cairo, Istanbul, Delhi and ZuluLand.

Rodina: The OutSet population is predominantly Slavic, the common language Russian and the common dominant RaTionalism. Populations are drawn from Warsaw, St Petersburg and Odessa.

The Coven: The OutSet population is predominantly Chinese/Japanese (with the gender mix skewed 2:1 towards females), the common language is Chinese and the dominant religion is HerEticalism. Populations are drawn from Tokyo, Beijing and Rangoon.

Each Sector is also the home for a nuJu minority constituting 16.67% of each Sector’s OutSet Population.

TheDemi-Monde has sx religions/belief systems each of them incompatible and disparaging of one another.

UnFunDaMentalism: UnFunDaMentalism is a cohort of political, racial, metaPhysical, sexual and social ideas and philosophies relating to the purification of the Demi-Mondian race, the triumph of the Aryan people and the rehabilitation of the semi-mythological Pre-Folk. Adopted as the State religion of the Rookeries, the ultimate aim of UnFunDaMentalism is, by a process of selected breeding and measured culling, to eliminate the contamination of the UnderMentionable races from the Demi-Monde’s Aryan stock.

ImPuritanism: ImPuritanism is the official religion of the Quartier Chaud. It is a staunchly hedonistic philosophy based on the belief that the pursuit of pleasure is the primary duty of HumanKind and that communion with the Spirits can only be achieved during orgasm, or as ImPuritans call it, JuiceSense.

HimPerialism: HimPerialism is the official religion of NoirVille. Based on an unwavering belief in male supremacy and the subjugation of women (or, as they are known in NoirVille, woeMen). HimPerialism teaches that Men have been ordained by God to Lead and to Control the Demi-Monde and that woeMen’s role is to be Mute, Invisible, Supine and Subservient (the Doctrine of subMISSiveness).

RaTionalism: RaTionalism is the avowedly and uncompromisingly atheistic creed developed by the Rodina thinker and ardent Royalist Karl Marx, which strives by a process of Dialectic ImMaterialism to secure logical explanations regarding the Three Great Dilemmas (the philosophical and religious arguments relating the Creation, the Confinement and the Purpose of the Demi-Monde).

HerEticalism: HerEticalism is the official religion of the Coven. Developed by the Empress Wu, HerEticalism is a religion based on the innate supremacy of Femmes (aka Women) and the belief that if the Demi-Monde is to survive and flourish it must be protected from the problems caused by MisMANagement, which, in turn, will require the subjugation and ultimate elimination of nonFemmes (aka Men). More radical HerEticals – the Suffer-O-Gettes - are of the opinion that the ultimate expression and apotheosis of MostBien will require the total extermination of all nonFemmes.

nuJuism: The unrelentingly pessimistic religion of the nuJu diaspora which teaches that suffering and hardship is life-affirming, and that life is endured to prepare the followers for the coming of the Messiah who will lead them to the Promised Land

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