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The main characters in the first part of the Demi-Monde are a mix of real (PreLived) and fictional (NowLived), the main ones being:

Norma Williams: Norma is the 18 year old daughter of the President of the USA. She's an EMO and something of a rebel. She was lured into the Demi-Monde and is very, very unhappy about it. As she says she's fed up being chased, threatened and tormented by the lunatics who make up the Demi-Monde's population. Although she can be a little trying at times, her heart is in the right place and despite occasional hysterics is a resilient young lady...and after what I've put her through she needs to be!

Ella Thomas: An 18 year old African-American high school student  from the wrong side of the tracks who happens to be very, very bright. She's also a sometime jazz singer, a talent that brings her to the attention of the US military who want someone to enter the Demi-Monde to pull Norma out. Ella has hidden depths.

Ivan (Vanka) Ivanovitch Maykov: A 25 year old Dupe born in the St Petersburg District of Rodina. Vanka's a Licensed Psychic and Occultist; an occasional fraudster and conman; a dealer in illicit blood; and an inveterate womaniser. When we first meet him he's on the run from one of the ForthRight's big shots after seducing his sister.

Burlesque Bandstand: A 35 year old Dupe born in the London District of the Rookeries. Burlesque is a pub owner; an impresario; a pimp; and a Checkya (the ForthRight's secret police) informer.Totally disreputable, totally unreliable and totally reprehensible, Burlesque is probably my favourite character.

Comrade-Leader Reinhard Tristan Eugan Heydrich: Heydrich is a 40 year old Dupe recreation of the Nazi warlord who was architect of the Holocaust. He was born in the Berlin Sector of the Rookeries and  has risen to become Leader of the ForthRight (the amalgamated Rookeries and Rodina Sectors). Classified (belatedly) as an α-Singularity - a hi-level psychopath. Heydrich is the personification of emotionless evil.

Professor Septimus Bole: A Real Worlder, Bole is 47 years old and was born in Cambridge, United Kingdom. He was responsible for creating the Demi-Monde and has been seconded to the US military to sort out its 'problems'. Bole's a bright boy being President, ParaDigm CyberResearch Limited; Head of ParaDigm’s The Demi-Monde Project Team; Head of ParaDigm’s PINC Project Team; Visiting Professor of Cybernetics at Cambridge University; Chairman of UK Government’s Advisory Committee on CyberIntrusion; Head of the Intelligence Bureau. He has all the empathy of an ice-cube.

Lady Trixiebell (Trixie) Dashwood: A 17 year old Dupe schoolgirl born in the London District of the Rookeries. She is the daughter of Baron Dashwood and a real tough cookie being a proto-RaTionalist (a religion banned in the ForthRight).

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