Wednesday, 4 August 2010


The number of hits on the web site rocketted today to well over 800 which brings August's total hits to over 1400 way over double the best monthly score. So something must be happening out there! Maybe it's the new front plate I had Nigel put up on the web site. I like Nigel's strap line; "The past couldn't be more Intense, and the Future more Imperfect". Very clever.

Working on a new chapter which isn't going too badly at all.

I was asked today why I called my book 'The Demi-Monde' so I suppose it's best to begin by defining what the Demi-Monde (or as it's sometimes referred to the demimonde, the demi-monde or the Demi-monde) is. The term itself derives from the name of a comedy written by Alexander Dumas in 1855 called "Le Demi-Monde"

There seem to be standard defintions for the term:

1. a subclass of society whose members embrace a decadent lifestyle and evince loose morals. This Demi-Monde is often associated with courtesans who exist by stimulating (often in very naughty ways) the generosity of their rich patrons;

2. a shadow world where the norms of civilised behaviour have been abandoned. It is often the artistic and intellectual cliques who are thought to inhabit this Demi-Monde as these are populated by individuals who find it difficult to accept/obey the precepts and morality of "civilised" society.

Of course, I've had to add to these two definitions thus:

3. a MMP simulation platformed on the ABBA quantum computer and utilising ParaDigm CyberResearch's Total Reality User Envelopment technology to recreate in a wholly realistic cyber-milieu the threat-ambience and no-warning aspects of a hi-intensity, deep-density, urban Asymmetric Warfare Environment; and;

4. Hell.

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