Friday, 6 August 2010



I've finished the rough draft of Demi-Monde 3, Summer. I thought it would take a little longer but the final two chapters came in a rush. It's topped out at just shy of 180,000 words and I'm quite pleased with it. The problems I now face are three fold:

1. the book falls into three sections (The Coven;NoirVille; and the denouement)  but I don't want it to be too segmentated so I'll have to give some thought to this, maybe intermeshing all the action;

2. the final section is a little ponderous so that needs to be streamlined; and

3. I'm got to cull 30,000 words. I'm determined it won't exceed 150,000 words.

There are some new characters I'm pretty pleased with - Fresh Bloom, Dong E; philosopherNoN Xi Kang; and NoirVillian Xolandi - and I think the new religions - HerEticalism, Confusionism and HimPerialism - work well too. The set up for the final book is quite good: even though I'm not precisely sure how the finale will go I've got a whole bunch of quite cool ideas. So for the next four weeks or more I'm going to be pruning and polishing.

Heard that the Waterstones presentation went well. Apparently Waterstones have a panel of 20 SF readers who give their verdict on a book. The bookproof will go out to them next week: I hope they like it.

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