Saturday, 31 July 2010

Invent-10n PART 2

John sent my Invent-10n story back with his comments yesterday and I've been working on it since.

John made some observations about the sex content so I'm toning that down a tad and I'm taking the opportunity to seed in some of the ideas I've had in the interim, mainly aimed at making the lead character - a blandnik called Jim Smith - seem a little more sad and anodyne. Again though it's all just a question of balance: I don't want him to come across as too much of a wuss.

I'm aiming to get all the revisions done by close of play Monday though it might take a little longer. The story seems a little stiff somehow so it might need more extensive surgery than I anticipated. I don't wanna get to fundamental though. John's going to send it to INTERZONE and I'm interesting in seeing their reaction.

I also sent the last (hopefully!) batch of Demi-Monde: Winter corrections off to Quercus. There's a new guy dealing with them - Rich - and I've got to say I'm impressed: he seems very much on the ball and is one of the few people who actually acknowledges e-mails. I find it infuriating when I send off an e-mails and then...nothing. I always get to wondering if it's been received okay. Anyway according to Rich everything is in train to right wrongs and correct the incorrect so the final book will be tight and error-free. Here's hoping.

I asked Nigel if he would put a front page on the web site ( announcing that the book will be published on 6th January 2011 and had to resist the urge to add 'This is the best book wot I ever read' and sign it Burlesque Bandstand.

Apart from that (and a little work tweaking Chapter 25 of Demi-Monde 3) it was just an ordinary day at the computer.


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