Friday, 24 December 2010


I got a story - 'To Infer is Human' - published in Wild Stacks, a free (as in FREE) e-magazine ( which is intent on 'expanding the imagination'. It's edited and everything by Peter Coleborn (who I know from Renegade Writers) and he seems to have done a bloody good job of putting it together. Well worth a look.

'Infer' is one of my ABBA-related stories, ABBA being the quantum computer which drives the Demi-Monde virtual world, and which will (hopefully, if they ever see the light of publication) feature in any number of stories I've got planned. Indeed, for the foreseeable future all my stories will revolve around this technology - how it was developed and what the ramifications are of creating AI. It's a rich lode.

I'm quite pleased with 'Infer' tho' in retrospect I'd have modified the ending slightly. Still I hope people find it a worthwhile read and gives them a taste of what to expect with The Demi-Monde:WInter.

One point: a reviewer (John Xero) quite rightly pointed out that I hadn't explained what ABBA is. So for the record it stands for Archival, Biological, Behavioural Acquisition, tho' the fact that it is also the Aramaic term for God is quite co-incidental.

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