Saturday, 4 December 2010


The traditional BFS Xmas clog
dancing contest
Lucy from Quercus invited Nelli and I down to London to attend the BFS' Xmas Bash. It was a good day.

Although the car registered minus 12 degrees when we set off and the windscreen washers refused to operate for the whole journey the roads were suprisingly clear, though just outside Brent's Cross one poor sod managed to run into the back of me (his fault) but I got away without a scratch while I think he'll need a new radiator.

Martin failing to scare Helen with
his Spirit of Xmas Past impression

Nell and I took the chance to pop into Quercus to thank the Fabulous Flora for all her good work (with maybe more countries on the not-too-distant horizon); touch base with the Ronster (excellent news that WH Smith Airports are going to stock the book); and to talk about the possibility of an 'Author's Cut' e-book (more anon). Then it was off with Lucy to Truckles (sp?) for the evening.

Steve explaining why Santa
couldn't make it
The snow had put quite a few people off from attending which was a shame but everybody there seemed to have a terrific time. While Nelli was busy taking her photos (we'll have an album up on FaceBook soonish) I was busy chatting (increasingly incoherently)
with people (c'mon Rod who else are you going to chat with?). It was good to see Martin and Helen who we'd met at Renegade Writers again. I had an interesting time discussing movies with Greg James who's a writer and Dickon Edwards who seems to be a writer/DJ/musician/critic. Both were good company and I got a couple of good ideas from the conversation notably a recommendation to check out 'REC.' and a prompt to rethink what 'Scientific Romance' actually means. I'd forgotten the word is 'Romance'.

An excellent evening! Many thanks to Lucy for the invite.

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