Friday, 10 December 2010


This has been a truely horrendous week with Nelli and I bouncing between Derby, London and Oxford (where Kit and Ellie were being interviewed).

Daniel of Quercus making sure that
Rod has no time for coffee
The one bright spot in an otherwise fraught week was visiting Quercus' offices on Wednesday. The hardback is now in stock and a very handsome beast it is too.It's not as intimidatingly thick as I feared it would be and the type is nice and large (I hate cramped type). The cover looks super and the endpapers with the plans of the Amoured steamer terrific. So to all at Quercus: well done!

The great thing was that I was asked to sign some copies. Now I thought these would be just 'thank you' souvenir copies but there were also one hundred copies for Goldsboro Books who apparently specialise in signed first editions. Now as I am fast coming to understand the publishing business is suffused with superstition and the Goldsboro order is seen as a good omen. Anyway I signed and stamped away...I just hope this is the first of many signings.


  1. I have been dying dying dying for this book since I first found out about it months ago. Are you going to sell the posters? I live in Florida and won't be able to come to your signing to try and get a poster. I want to pre order from Forbidden Planet.
    Congrats BTW!

  2. Hi Alison. Sorry it's taken so long to respond. I'm not terribly good at all these blog thingies so I didn't realise you'd posted a comment. Re the poster, the idea is that we'll do a series (if there's any interest): the Heydrich one, a map of the DM and maybe the blueprint of the armoured steamer. DOn't worry, I'll save you one of each but don't hold your breath I doubt if they will be all ready before February. Have a great New Year, Rod