Thursday, 2 December 2010


There are a number of key events in December that will have an influence on the success of The Demi-Monde: Winter' when it's released on 6th January. The February issue of SFX Magazine published on the 15th will - I understand/hope - carry a review of the book (and other bits and pieces). From the 20th - 24th December Quercus are going to dedicate their blog to the Demi-Monde (I'm currently writing these). And last but by no means least I have a story - 'To Infer is Human' - being carried in Issue #1 of Dark Stacks an e-magazine which will be out before Xmas.

To help these efforts along Nigel is revamping the website (deadline the 15th) and I'm doing a video of me reading from the DM's Prologue. This will be used on the website, on YouTube and on Quercus' site.

I wanted to keep the video as snappy as possible but the problem is that try as I might I couldn't get a decent reading down below four minutes. So that's the script I took with me when I went to Studio JK:AK tonight. Jimmy Knott the guy who took me through my paces was really good. I did around six takes and - according to Nell, but she's biased - my readings got better as I went along.

I never really understood how difficult acting was until now: trying to put passion and pace into a reading is a real bitch. I just hope it came out OK: I'll know in the next couple of days.

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