Friday, 17 December 2010


I've been neglecting the web-site a little of late so I decided that before The Demi-Monde's publication in January we would give it a wash-and-brush up. So Nigel has been beavering away.

Most of the changes won't be spottable; they're mainly me making sure that the changes necessary to accommodate the plots of the second and third books - Spring & Summer - are in place. So the Product Description Guide had to have a few tweaks - I substituted a couple of Singularities - and the images in the Personae Dramaticus section went thru a filtering process.

The big changes were that I added new entries to the PollyPaedia Section. Now there's explanations of Auralism & ImPuritanism (which feature in Spring); Confusionism and HerEticalism (which feature in Summer); and HimPerialism (which will feature in Fall). I'm pretty pleased with them all but my especial favourite is Confusionism and the WunZian and TooZian philosopies of the mysterious Master.

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