Saturday, 18 December 2010


The Polish cover of
The Demi-Monde: WInter

The Polish publishers of The Demi-Monde - AMBER - are launching the book on the 25th January. I'm very impressed: having worked with Nelli - who is the best translator I've ever worked with - I know just what a task translating 500-odd pages is and AMBER have done it in less than six months. Well done!

The great news is that AMBER are planning a big promo campaign hopefully in association with EMPiK, Poland's biggest chain of bookstores which sounds terrific.

Of course now I'm having to rely on Google to translate the Polish web-sites that are carrying info about the DM which is a real trial. Try this:

'Most deliryczny virtual world, what world created since the "Matrix". A world where the greatest criminals are doing everything to escape from his virtual prison, and learn real. Is a lonely girl can stop it?'

Machine translation still has a way to go!

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