Friday, 1 October 2010


Isn't coincidence wonderful?

Yesterday when I was trying to join Facebook (that might be a mistake, folks!) and I was struggling to fill out the favourite films category my mind went blank and I couldn't remember that great film of the 1950's starring the impeccable Henry Fonda, 'Twelve Angry Men'. Then today I read the comment on one of my blogs by amberkraken, checked Anthony out, and lo and behold his favourite film is TAM!

I'm really quite bucked up by this. It's great that these gems aren't forgotten and that they're still being appreciated for the masterpieces they are. Okay, so there was a lot of dross pumped out in the 50's but there were diamonds in the rough.

So it isn't just Daughter 1 who raises eyebrows when she's asked what her favourite movie is and cites something most of her generation has never heard of ('Some Like It Hot').


  1. 12 Angry Men is amazing. Most people have no idea what it is and look at you weirdly when I tell them it's a black and white jury-room drama!

  2. Anthony...I know the feeling. people have been looking at me skew-wiff all my life!