Sunday, 3 October 2010


A lot of you might be too young to remember the cartoon series 'Love Is...' which was immensely popular - so my increasingly flawed memory tells me - back in the 1980's. You know the sort of thing:

Love Is...remembering her birthday.
Love Is...a bunch of flowers

Or as I saw on a tee-shirt one holiday in Key West: Love Is...Swallowing.

But now I truly know what love is. Love is going Line Dancing!

Nell has been talking intermittently about us going Line Dancing for the best part of a year, but I thought it was simply some form of pernicious though thankfully minor, mental aberration so as is my wont I ignored her and hoped this particular fantasy would go away. I mean,,,Line Dancing! It looks awful and is simply not the sort of thing Rod Rees indulges in. After all I ain't Kevin Bacon and the Midlands ain't Footloose territory. But...

Now we're reasonably settled in the new house Nell's been investigating Line Dancing clubs in the area and it seems Derby is knee-deep in the bloody things. So she's decided that this Tuesday we will sally forth and dance. The club she's chosen does 'Modern' Line Dancing -whatever that is - which means that - thankfully - I don't have to dress up like an extra in Midnight Cowboy. But believe me folks, I ain't looking forward to this.

Love is...making a bloody fool of yourself.

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  1. It's a good exercise and it will keep one fit! :)