Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Attended the second Renegade Writers' Group in Stoke tonite and it was very useful. It's good for a writer to hear what other writers are doing...the number of ideas I come away with is remarkable.

But tonite was especially notable because Martin Roberts read a story which I thought was truly outstanding. It was untitled and I'm still not sure what it was about but some of the ideas and imagery was terrific. Dig this:

  • 'He liked standing barefoot in his fishtank getting a blow-job': as fine a piece of  of neo-Vonnogutian whimsy as I've ever heard.
  • When one of the protagonists charges a door to take out a bad guy (don't ask) the scene is described as being a mix of 'door and gore'. Wonderful.
  • And the piece-de-resistance? Having one of his characters talk in...well I won't say in what because it's so good some bastard would nick it.
Anyway very enjoyable and I hope Martin is inclined to finish it. I think it could quite easily be worked up as a sort of Dirk Gently-type story, though it would (should) be made even more trippy.

A good evening!


  1. It was very good indeed. I just wish I'd had less wine!

  2. Many thanks for the kind words Rod... I only started writing this down due to being asked by Peter and Jan to support the Renegade Writers group! My advice if you live nearby, pop in you never know where it may lead... M xxx