Monday, 4 October 2010


Just heard from John Jarrold that a Russian publisher - Ripol - is taking the first two books in the Demi-Monde series. Winter will be published in September 2011 which is shaping up to be a frantic time (the US, Germany and Russia are all launching around then). The really interesting thing is there were two Russian publishers in the frame which I hope indicates that they think the book has got legs. Of course with part of the action being set in St Petersburg and two lead characters (Vanka Maykov and Beria) being Russian there will be - hopefully - something for Russian readers to identify with.

Needless to say the Rees household is jumping. Nelli is Russian, I lived there for eight years in the 90's and both the girls were born in Moscow so there's a strong connection with the country. It'll be great fun promoting the book there and catching up with all our old friends from M-TEL days.

Seriously good news!

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