Thursday, 30 September 2010


Just heard that Tony Curtis has died.

Oddly I'd just been on Facebook trying to post that my favourite movie of all time was 'Some like it Hot'. SLIH is perfect: the script is marvellous, the direction flawless (what a light touch Billy WIlder had) and the performances from Tony Curtis (including a great, great take on Cary Grant), Jack Lemmon and Marilyn simply wonderful. The supporting cast was terrific too: I still laugh at Joe E.Brown.

A few years back there was a rumour that they (who are these mysterious 'theys'?) were going to re-make it with Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey - I couldn't believe it. The mind boggles that they should even think about trying something so stupid.

No, you can't improve on perfection. So...thanks Tony for a great performance. You'd have made a super Vanka!

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