Monday, 4 October 2010


Spent some time on Sunday working on the storyboard for the Demi-Monde video. I’m looking for something that I can use on the website and on You Tube etc. and which will give potential readers of the book a flavour of what will be coming at them. Of course, the other key aim is to make it as punchy and impactful as possible without breaking the bank. Budget considerations mean that outside shots, exotic locations and the use of actors is a no-no. This ain’t gonna be Avatar but I want it to be something worth watching, so...

The set is that ABBA – the supa-dupa quantum computer which the Demi-Monde is platformed on – is in communication with the US Military from the Demi-Monde. To do this it has to anthropomorphise (try saying that when you’re pissed) and in this state (anthropomorphisation not pissed) ABBA will be played by Nelli. Nelli’s terrific at this sort of stuff so I’ve no worries there. But while Nelli might act her socks off – her message is that the President’s daughter is lost in the Demi-Monde – she’ll still be just a talking head...a very sexy talking head but not terribly arresting.

So...we’re gonna do some digital enhancing. I have a McGuffin in the book called PINC – Personal Implanted nanoComputer. It’s a sort of cyber-encyclopaedia fused to the cortex which gives an individual access to almost limitless information. PINC has obviously piqued Nigel’s imagination because he’s been trying to represent it on screen. The trouble is that if we’re not careful it’ll end up looking like a lo-priced knock-off of the Terminator’s Head-Up Display.

Nigel has come up with one idea – I call it the halo – which he won’t let me post until it’s better developed. I think it might be interesting.

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