Friday, 7 January 2011


I've always run with an objective - when I'm writing and not editing - of putting down 3,000 words a day but today has taxed this resolve to the maximum. I hadn't realised how much the book launch would impinge on my time and then...

But to begin at the beginning. My list of things to do for today included:

1. Follow up Lou's suggestion that I join the BFS Forum and alert BFS members to the signing next Thursday (13th) at Forbidden Planet. Sounds straightforward enough but for a technological Neanderthal like me it was a task...and hour's worth of tasking. So, for any of you interested if you tell me the third word of the fifth line on page 323 of the hardback edition of the DM then you could win a signed limited-edition poster!

2. Post an 'Event' on FaceBook. Another 30 minutes of buggering around.

3. Register me and Nelli for EasterCon and volunteer for any of their panels: 30 minutes.

4. Send the video of me reading an extract from the DM (and looking like a cross between Max Headroom and Billy Bunter while I'm doing it) to Rich at Quercus: an hour (don't ask, I'm still pissed off).

5. Send a copy of Nelli's 'Sex and Bile' nujazz sampler (it's f****** good, folks) off: 30 minutes.

6. Get involved with two FaceBook conversations (silly me): 30 minutes.

So that took four (four!!!!) hours out of my day. But not dismayed I was happily 2,000 words into my quota when...

I can say no more: all I can assure you is that on Monday - with the help of my lawyers - I am going to turn somebody's world to shit.

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