Friday, 14 January 2011


Interesting review of 'The Demi-Monde: Winter' on the website. Lucy brought it to my attention and such is the lo-key nature of the site that I'd probably have missed it otherwise: it takes a no-frills attitude that borders on the aesthetic.

I digress. Jonathan Cowie's review is a good one, not simply because he likes the book but because he is provocative to the writer, viz:

'Finally, there are clear implications as to the Dupes' relationship with the Real World, the way they can theoretically perceive things and the possibility for extrapolation (such as to interact with other aspects of cyberspace)...In short there are tremendous possibilities for the author to explore above and beyond the construct of the Demi-Monde itself...he (me) needs to go to the next level...'

Serendipity being serendipity it was only yesterday that I was trying to explain how I planned to expand the borders of the Demi-Monde milieu beyond the covers of the four Demi-Monde books. I currently have three other books in some semblance of completion. 'Dark Charismatic', my reimagining of the Jekyll and Hyde story, explores the history of Singularities - or Dark Charismatics as they are known within the Demi-Monde. 'Locusts' majors on the manner in which ParaDigm became the pre-eminent corporation in the world and how it acquires the ability to provide the technology rife in the Real World which seems to transcend our own. Finally 'Invent-10n' looks at genesis of the unique and special power source so vital for ABBA - the first quantum computer - that runs the Demi-Monde to achieve its full potential.

Jonathan has quite correctly twigged that the technology underpinning the Real World of 'The Demi-Monde' is out of kilter with our own and that's because it isn't our occupies TimeStream v:35...but that's another story or more exactly another three stories!

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