Friday, 14 January 2011


Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Avenue, London
Yesterday 13th January was my very first public signing! Quite an intimidating venue too: Forbidden Planet the mecca of all SF-niks. I'd never been down to the basement before (I didn't even know it existed!) and it's veritable cache of all written and drawn SF/Fantasy publications. So no pressure then.
I'd been to the Quercus offices earlier and signed 21 copies (9 a repeat order which ain't too shabby and 12 for Carl a collector in Wales) so I was hoping that this was a good omen. All-in-all it didn't go too badly. I signed 19 for FP's mail-order customers and 35 for walk-ins. The great thing was how pleasant everybody was, the customers even taking the time to explain what lining is (a dedication quoting from the book). We came up with something novel here: Nelli wrote a greeting in Russian from one of the lead characters, Vanka Maykov. Everyone liked the posters too...I've got to remember to keep the remaining 200 for other markets.

Me, Rich and Iain (both from Quercus) and Jon from
Forbidden Planet. Jake is just out of shot.
 A big thank you must go to Jon Harrison, FP's Internet and Marketing Manager who was terrific! It was a blast being asked to sign FP's autograpgh book too.

FP also arranged for me to be video interviewed for their website. Russel made this a pretty painless experience but I think I was awful (stumbling over words, memory blanks, the whole nine yards). You can see for yourself how awful on

The other important event of the day was meeting Jo Fletcher. Jo is setting up a new imprint for Quercus - Jo Fletcher Publishing I think - which will spearhead their assault on the SF/Fantasy book market. As DM, Spring, Summer and Autumn are going to be published under Jo's auspices I wish her every success.

The day was rounded off by a great meal, hosted by Lucy - Quercus' PR guru - at a Greek restaurant, Kanoki. Ron, Lucy, Iain and Jo made great company but unfortunately Jake couldn't make it due to a bad back. Get well soon, Jake!


  1. That's awesome! What a great turn out!

  2. Hi Cautionary (or should that be Mr Tale?)

    In fact the turnout was pretty modest, just a few people buying a lot of books but it was great fun nevertheless. And presumably profitable: I've just seen one of the books I signed for sale at an jaw-dropping £49.99!!!!!

  3. Glad to hear it went well, Rod! I love the idea of including a greeting from Vanka - that's a lovely touch.

  4. Well done Rod!

    Jeanette (Renegade)

  5. It all sounds great. What a brilliant day. There may not have been millions of customers, but you sure sold a lot of books.