Saturday, 1 January 2011


Just back from watching 'TRON: Legacy'. I've gotta say I went reluctantly - I hated the vacuous first instalment when it came out - but such is the dearth of watchable movies that it was this or Gulliver's Travels. Nuff said.

Okay let's make this quick and painless:

PLUS POINTS: The visuals. The film is total eye-candy and they do it extraordinarily well. I even thought the 3D worked and as I'm not a fan of this little cinematic digression that's a big concession for the Rodster. The music wasn't bad either though I don't think this was Daft Punk's finest hour (or finest two hours and seven minutes actually).

MINUS POINTS: Just about everything else. The story was hackneyed, cliched, predictable and unbelievably disappointing. Garrett Hedlund was a lead with a charisma by-pass, Olivia Wilde had all the screen presence of a salad (what is all the fuss about?) and Jeff Bridges - streets ahead in the acting stakes - firmly stuck in Dude mode. There was sod-all tension about the thing which given the amount spent on the special effects is a real achievement.

SCORE: I give it 4/10 (though to be fair the rest of the Rees family were impressed, so much so that they nudged the score up to a very respectable 8/10, so what do I know?).

FINAL THOUGHT: A lot has been made of how they digitally recreated a younger-looking Jeff Bridges. Well, the feeling was that - especially in the opening scene in his son's bedroom - it wasn't really terribly convincing. It might have been an idea to use this lack of realism in the plot, to have had the Grid messing around with Time and pre-introducing digital reconstructs. Just an idea...

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