Thursday, 23 September 2010


Nigel Robinson of everythingbuttheproduct has come back to me with his idea for the first of the two posters I've commissioned. I think it's terrific.

The poster shows Reinhard Heydrich who's one of the main characters in the Demi-Monde (he's represented as a PreLived Singularity, a cyber duplicate of an uber-psychopath taken from history). In real life he was of course the evil b******* who masterminded the Holocaust. Because he was assassinated in Prague in 1942 (sensible people these Czechs) he isn't as famous (or is that, infamous) as the rest of the Nazis but he was probably the most despicable of the lot.

In the Demi-Monde he's taken control of part of that virtual world - rechristening it the ForthRight - and is promoting a Nazi-esque, pseudo-occult religion called UnFunDaMentalism. He's as crackers in the DM as he was in the Real World. 

The great thing is that Nigel's captured the retro-feel (the Demi-Monde is technology-locked in the Victorian era) that I wanted and has managed to incorporate the Valknut (the rune sign formed from three interlocking triangles) which is the symbol for UnFunDaMentalism and the ForthRight.

Great job, Nigel...but then I never expect anything less!

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