Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Thinking about the editing of films and videogames got me wondering about the editing of The Demi-Monde.

One of the imperatives of my first editor, Nick Johnston, was always 'to get to the action quicker'. At the time I could never really understand this need for speed but now I think I might.

I was brought up when the pre-eminent form of media was cinema and as a result when I'm writing I imaging the action and the characters and the scenes as though they were up there on the silver screen. And like most films pre-Star Wars this is a pretty languid affair with lots of wide-shots and cut-aways to characters looking serious.

Nick, being considerably younger than me, was brought up when the pre-eminent form of media was the videogame and hence he approaches books looking for a much more visceral, action-based experience, with faster cuts and less dwell time. I suppose I should have twigged this difference in perception when I had dinner in Brighton with Nick, Tom Fletcher and John Ajvide Lindqvist and they lurched into a discussion about favourite videogames which left me floundering (I can't stand the things).

Funny thing is that it's only now that I'm appreciating the different perspective Nick brought to the book. He did a good job and made the DM more palatable to a younger audience. So where ever you are Nick...thanks.

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  1. Nick was in China, but has now returned to the UK, so I'll make sure the message is passed on...