Tuesday, 12 April 2011


The guys at HarperCollins were meeting today to discuss the cover for the US edition of The Demi-Monde: Winter so I was asked if I had any thoughts. This at least gave me a chance to dust off some of the ProtoCovers Nigel had done before Quercus had optioned the Demi-Monde series. I was reminded how bloody good some of them were.

A couple I've blogged about before so I'll confine myself to some of the others.

This one I think is the best of all of Nigel's efforts. It combines the steam-punky typewriter-esque font of the book's title with a London cityscape (circa 1870) - which could be amended for other books in the series which are set in other Sectors - with a rather freaky head shot of Ella showing a rather ambiguous semi-cyber aspect. I think this is a VERY strong cover.

This second one is also strong. It used the valknut rune which is the emblem of the quasi-fascist ForthRight and could, of course, be altered for other books. Too subtle? Perhaps but I've adopted the stamp for my book signings so all is not lost.

The third and final cover is good and very much in the tradition of pulp SF (a good thing, methinks!) but is perhaps a little too reverential of Philip Jose Farmer for comfort.

Just a shame the Poles didn't think of asking me if I had an unused cover going spare - 'cos I have! But living proof that Mr Nigel Robinson is one talented guy.

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