Friday, 19 November 2010


Nelli and I went up to see Nigel - he's the genius designer responsible for creating the visual aspects of the Demi-Monde - in Driffield today.

I've been neglecting the DM's website of late and it's gotten a little out-of-date (overtaken by events in the Demi-Monde) so it needed a revamp. I spent the first few days of this week reworking and reviewing the Religions contained in the 'NeoFight PolyPaedia Section'. I've refurbished 'UnFunDaMentalism' and 'ImPuritanism' and finished 'HerEticalism', 'Auralism', 'Confusionism' and 'HimPerialism'. I'm particularly pleased with Confusionism and I had a lot of fun researching oriental philosophy.

I've also redone 'The Demi-Monde Product Description', the maps, the Glossary and the Personae Dramaticus cigar cards (Nigel will be altering the images to make them more 'Demi-Mondian'). We've also added an 'Images' Section to include the poster images of Heydrich, the new Demi-Monde map, the Column of Loci and the armoured steamer.

Talking of the armoured steamer Nigel (as he is liable to do) has gone into overdrive. When the thing is finished it's going to be AWESOME. The one thing he'd forgotten though was an auxiliary water hawser...these designers so impractical!

A good day. It was great to see Nigel again. Meeting with talented (and nice) people is always a sure way to lift your spirits.

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