Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Sorry about the horrible pun!

Just heard that the Czech publisher Jota ( have taken The Demi-Monde series. I am mighty pleased with this: I've never been to Prague and I hear it's a lovely city. It seems that the Eastern Europeans are mighty taken with the DM - I suppose having a Russian hero and quite a chunk of the action set in Warsaw helps. How they are all going to cope with the translation of Burlesque Bandstand's mockney patois I have no idea.

Hot on the heels of the Jota deal is news that Infodar ( want the books for Bulgaria. Again this is great news.

Much of the credit for this flurry of signings (and I think there are a couple more in the offing) must go to Flora in the Rights Department at Quercus...obviously the Frankfurt Book Fair was a busy time. Well done, Flora!


  1. Well done! Don't worry about translation, we linguists are crafty people! :)

  2. Prague's a beautiful city: we went there on our honeymoon, in an early November when it was incredibly cold & clear, and there were occasional flurries of snow. (Romantic and picturesque, but as it never settled we didn't have to worry about it) I get the feeling you'd love it.

    I can't say I'm surprised the DM is going down well in Europe (or anywhere, for that matter - you know what I think of it!). Maybe it's the treatment of history, or maybe it's the characterisation, as you say: I know that my grandmother, who was from the Balkans, would have *adored* Vanka.

  3. I find it quite strange that so many people I meet have some eastern European aancestry. These Slavs do get around don't they. My two girls could never quite decide what they were, but we worked it out once that they were 1/4 Welsh, 1/4 Scottish (we don't talk about that) 1/4 Polish and a 1/4 Russian.

    Anyway thanks for the words about Prague and, yeah, Nell and I will do our very best to make it there.