Saturday, 20 November 2010


I've decided that a major rejig of the third Demi-Monde book is needed. I re-read the middle section and loathed it: I think I was trying to be too smart and it's just come out as boring. So I'm moving events around, bringing one action sequence from the end and sticking it into the middle and re-introducing another fast-moving sequence to replace it. It'll mean a lot of work but it's got to be done otherwise all the book will be is just a bunch of people talking to one another. I also want to pep up the beginning a little.

I'm always envious of those writers who can map out a book in advance. I wish I could do that: it'd save a whole heap of anguish and aggravation. But I can't, so I suppose I'm stuck with the treadmill of re-writes. In this regards DM 3 has been a real bitch. I hope it's worth it in the end.

Of course the edit of Demi-Monde 2 is looming so I want to get a move on. I'd like to finish (that's finish as in I'm happy with the bloody thing) DM 3 before I turn back to Spring.

Oh hum.

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