Friday, 23 July 2010


Start of the day: 164,753

End of the day: 166,251

Written: 1,498

Not a great day for writing.

A lot of things are happening - or rather not happen - and it's difficult to write when things are nagging away at the back of your head. But I still put in a shift at the laptop.

DM3 is now getting to the stage where I'm revising chapters and scenes to a) make them read better and b) make them mesh with the rest of the book. This is always painstaking and quite debilitating work where you can put in eight hours hard graft and have precious little to show for it. Today I've been working on a WhoDoo ritual that takes place in the JAD and is quite complicated in that there's a metaphysical, psychedelic aspect which is tricky to describe without getting all New Age.

Still...hopefully once this is behind me I can hit clear air and dive into what Norma's been up to back in the Rookeries.

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