Monday, 12 July 2010


Funny time this, sort of betwixt and between, neither one thing nor the other.

The proofing of Demi-Monde: Winter is finished and bookproofs - which as best I can make out are mock-ups of the real thing - will be out in a few days. These apparently are needed to promote the book to Key Account Customers and to get them to stock the book. The first one - Waterstone's - is at the end of the month is at the end of the month so I'll be burnig a candle. After them come WHS, Amazon et al.

It's quite scary really, having all these faceless people make judgements on your work, and their decision affecting whether the book lives or dies.

Maybe I should have made those changes to DM1! Too late now.

I'm working away on DM3: Summer, which has been a bit of a pig to be honest though I have managed to resolve some plot issues over the weekend. Problem I have is fitting everything and everyone in whilst making it coherent and entertaining. There's at least another couple of months of hard writing left...

Also planning on an assault on the e-universe (FaceBook and all that) though this will have to wait for the house move to be finalised (HOPEFULLY by the 6th August). I want to go on holiday with Nelli too...I feel tired.

That's it for now: I'm meant to be going to Quercus for a marketing meeting soon which s/be interesting: I'll keep you posted.

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