Tuesday, 27 October 2009


In order to write about each of the Sectors in the Demi-Monde - which each have a different religion/philosophy - I have to draft a 'religious backgrounder' which serves as a reference when I'm writing. I never thought about publishing them but it seemed a shame to do all that writing and then just keep them locked in a hard-drive.

So the idea was to post them on the web-site as 'NeoFight preDeployment Briefings', that is the sort of things that would be given to military trainees before they were let loose in the Demi-Monde to give them some background about what they could expect there.

The brief I gave to Nigel was to make these Briefings sort of faux-WikiPaediaesque hence PollyPaedia (Polly is Real-World speak for 'Poly Functional Digital Device'). In the end Nigel used the format he'd created for one of my other books 'Invent TEN-N' which as ParaDigm Inc features pretty heavily in Book Two is appropriate.

Thus far I've written two PollyPaedia entries: one for UnFunDaMentalism and one for ImPuritanism (not totally happy with the latter and will be tinkering with it). I've a third finished on Auralism.

I'm pretty pleased with them...see what you think.

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