Thursday, 22 October 2009


Not a lot to report.

I'm finished the rough draft of Demi-Monde 2...and I'll spend November knocking it into shape and December polishing it. I have a couple of problems with plot development - especially vis a vis Book 4 - which will need some careful thought and I have to rewrite Machiavelli who finds himself elevated from a bit-part player to performing centre-stage but other than that...

I've spent a couple of days writing the PollyPaedia article describing UnFunDaMentalism which I'm quite pleased with. I'm thinking of suggesting to Quercus that this is included as an Appendix to Demi-Monde 1: Winter but if this isn't seen as a good idea then it'll go on the website. Hopefully the ImPuritanism article and the one on Auralism will be finished by the end of next week too.

Other than that I'm just waiting to hear what went down in Frankfurt and doing some background reading on Robespierre and pacifism...

Oh yeah, got a really interesting book entitled 'The World Hitler Never Made' by Gavriel D. Rosenfeld. First time I've met the term 'allohistory'. Yeah...really recommended if you're into alternate history.

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