Monday, 12 October 2009


Everyone seems to be getting excited about the Frankfurt Book Fair which starts this week. Frankfurt is reputedly the largest and most important book fair in the world where all the publishing industry gathers to sell its wares...including the Demi-Monde Series.

So good luck to all those at Quercus.

One piece of pre-Frankfurt good news is that Goldmann Verlag - part of the Random House Group - have acquired the German rights to the first two books of the series. It's quite exciting wondering if someone is going to come in for the French rights, the Scandinavian rights or even the US rights...

I must admit to finding it a little strange to be reading about myself being involved with things - like the sale of the German rights - that I've not really been involved with. It's as though there are two of me: a public one and the one writing the books. Schizophrenia: I know you I've been you.

Regarding the sale of rights, Kit (one of my daughters who is very keen on Manga) is waiting with bated-breath for a Japanese publisher to come in...her dream is to wangle a gig in Tokyo...

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