Thursday, 1 October 2009


I met a publisher yesterday. Unfortunately it wasn't Quercus.

The wonderful Nelli - my wife - is a glass artist and jewellery maker - who pitched a book to GMC a couple of months ago on glass bead-making projects and she's now been offered a publishing contract. So she and I trained up to London yesterday to meet and greet. The venue for the meeting was the Novotel, King's Cross, which must sell the most expensive coffee in the Smoke...£6.15 for two cups!

Fortunately Jonathan and Gerrie from GMC were more welcoming and Nelli had a good two hours running through the book's proposed content, agreeing the number and complexity of projects etc. Couple of interesting things: it seems that customers of jewellery books don't like seeing their jewellery being modelled as it raises all kinds of issues regarding 'it won't look as good on me as it does on her' and the ethnicity of models.

It also explained why Nelli was working her socks off all weekend preparing for the meeting: her book is going to be puffed at the Frankfurt Book Fair in a couple of weeks. So both 'From Soup to Nuts: Fifteen Beautiful Projects to make Glass Beads and Jewellery' and 'The Demi-Monde 1: Winter' will be out and about at the same time. Interesting.

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  1. It will be interesting indeed! And so exciting, though it means that for the next six months I will be working even harder. Actually, me and you!