Tuesday, 31 January 2012


In The Demi-Monde series, the virtual world that is the Demi-Monde was created by a rather secretive and unpleasant company called ParaDigm CyberResearch. Although it's rather a peripheral presence in the first three books it comes more to the fore in the last book: Fall. This being the case I decided that paraDigm needed both a logo and a motto. The logo had to incorporate a clenched fist on the basis that:

The clenched fist symbol of ParaDigm Global, adopted by the organisation when it was formed in 1906, symbolises that five elements are necessary to forge a successful team. These elements – as defined by the founder of Paradigm, Beowulf Bole – are Vision, Leadership, Intelligence, Resolve and Courage. Individually they are of little worth but when brought together in the manner of fingers in a fist, they have a strength that is irresistible.

As for the motto, I finally settled on the latin tag: fortes modo tempus mutare possunt.
This done I let Nigel loose and he came up with three designs:
ParaDigm Logo 1:

I really liked this, especially the mirror-image of the name which signals the duplicious nature of the company. Unfortunately it was a little too complicated for what I had in mind.

Next up was ParaDigm Logo 2:
Very good, so it was a toss-up between this and ParaDigm Logo 3:

This is the one which got the final nod and will grace the cover of 'The Demi-Monde:Fall'!