Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Things seem to be going well for the DM in the States and Canada tho' it's difficult to assess how well. The reviews are starting to come in on ... nineteen thus far with ten 5* and three 4* which ain't bad. There have been some crackers in there too so I'm quite buoyed by the positive reaction.

Local papers in the US have also been picking up on the book. The Denver Examiner (weird to have your book being written about in the US) was the most intriguing in that the writer alluded to my using an assumed name and having connections with the intelligence community. I just wish I was that interesting. Next up was the Iron Mountain Daily News (you couldn't make this up could you?) which cited me as a latter-day Jonathan Swift ... now THAT really made my day. Jonathan Swift is one of my all time heroes. Regina M. Angeli you are a star!

Finally I got this in from Toronto's 'The World's Biggest Bookshop':


  1. Well done with the reviews and things! Modern Jonathan Swift or... new Alexandre Dumas!

  2. I want that hardback copy of Ready Player One underneath your books there!