Friday, 6 May 2011


The UK paperback will be out in September so I got the proofs of the cover yesterday. It's essentially the hardback cover (though thankfully with the right map this time) but we've rehashed the blurb on the back which I think is a lot more punchy.

There are also three quotes:

'The Demi-Monde: Discworld's savage noir cousin. Welcome to holo-hell' from Stephen Baxter which is a storming piece of writing.

'Delectably dark ... A feisty and nightmarishly enjoyable debut' from the Sunday Times.

And 'The world he's created is a psychopathic mightmare, while Ella by contrast, is a touchingly vulnerable heroine whose quest is frought with both physical and psychological dangers' from the Guardian.

Personally I'd have gone with Burlesque Bandstand's 'A fucking brilliant book'.

Or even Nigel's favourite: "Occult Stalinist Nazi Vampires versus the Lesbian Supremacists."


  1. Was it Jad they missed out on the hardback cover?

  2. The design used was an old one and, yeah, the big omission was the JAD but the Temple of Lilith that's set in the middle of NoirVille's HubLand went walkabout too.

    Anyway, it's all fixed now.