Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I was going thru my old stuff a couple of days ago and stumbled across a poem I'd written in praise of Science Fiction. I don't want any comments about my lack of a poetical soul ... I know that!


Imagination billows the light-sails of my soul…

Here the foul streets itch and crawl

And dyslexic venom tattoos the walls.

My universe is a construct of fantastic fable...

Here kids slam down venomous vodka

To shut out a world rife with degenerate dogma.

I visit realms that exist on the cusp of belief…

Here is a world peopled by ghouls

The wise and the just rul├ęd by fools.

I dream of far-off worlds, of wormholes, of plasma drives…

Here hopes are turned to tears and dust,

Chewed and spat out like an old stale crust

I see heroines brave the strange unknown...

Here staccato women thinned by conceit

Live out the maxim you are who you eat.

I see heroes who stand tall and true…

Here the poor, the weak and the old

Are devoured and consumed by the vicious, the bold

I battle with ray-guns and photon torpedoes…

Here politicians fight tooth and claw

And honesty’s got more holes than a ten-buck whore

My mind travels to parallel universes...

Here I am trapped in a neo-con cage

And prescription-thinking is the new plague

I journey to the never-been-before…

Here the strong dine on broken wills

Crunching the bones until protest is stilled

I will have none of them…

they cannot imprison my imagination.

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