Thursday, 8 December 2011


I've set myself the deadline of finishing the fourth (and last!) book of the Demi-Monde saga - The Demi-Monde: Fall - by the end of the year. I've got a rough draft - 196,000 words - and now I need to knock it into a final shape. I've decided to divide the book into two (Book One: In the Demi-Monde and Book Two: In the Real World). Book One is pretty much finished but Book Two is being a pig.

One problem is how to filter the explanation of how young Norma was lured into the Demi-Monde in the first place. It's quite a hefty piece of exposition - 20,000 words - and it slows the action down a LOT, the trouble is, if I leave it out then the whole series seems a little incomplete. One solution I'm toying with is adding it as an Appendix but there may be a better way of doing it. I'll have to have a think.


  1. Thought I'd ask out of sheer ballsy-ness - I don't suppose you're doing a Spring hardback giveaway?

  2. Dear ML. Such Cheek. I never realised that my blog followers were so cheap!

    I'm due to be getting a few freebie copies of Spring in a week or so if you (and DRC et al) send your address to me at, I'll forward a copy. First five get a copy. Deal is that you write a review (no pressure - write what you think - as long as criticism is fair, I'm cool)