Sunday, 11 September 2011

TheY WanT uS DumB

Kimberley at HarperCollins is putting a FaceBook page together to support the US launch of 'The Demi-Monde: Winter' at the end of December. One of the ideas she has is putting a soundtrack together and she asked me for suggestions, which persuaded me to dust off some of the tracks that Nelli and I produced for her stillborn 2nd album and I think they stand up bloody well!

I'm going to put them up on YouTube and the first is 'They Want Us Dumb'.

Nelli and I wrote it in protest of the Anglo/US policy in Iraq and Afghanistan and is, unfortunately, still pertinent four years on. I think Nelli does a great job with the Manson-esque vocals (she's more a nuJazz singer).

You can check it out on under the name 'The UnFunDaMentalists (feat. Nelli Rees)'. I'll sort out a better video when I get time!

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