Thursday, 29 September 2011


I sent the hardcopy edit of The Demi-Monde: Spring back to Quercus on Wednesday and because it represented about 60 hours of bloody hard work I decided to do two things - take a copy (£26 up my shirt) and send it by the Post Office's super-dooper ParcelForce system which GUARANTEES next day delivery (another £16!).

You guessed it, the package has gone AWOL but the most aggravating thing is that the supposedly foolproof tracking system has turned out to be USELESS. All it can tell me is that it was picked up at the Hatton post office on Wednesday at 13:58 and thereafter ... NOTHING. I've tried ringing ... what a joke: all I get is automated gibberish.

I am not impressed. Roll on privatisation.

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  1. How annoying. We use couriers where I work and I have to say Parcelforce are much better than DHL - believe it or not. But we still get problems no matter what courier we use. This is just pure bad luck...sorry.