Saturday, 11 June 2011


Slow Reader has just posted a retraction of part of his review of 'The Demi-Monde: Winter' where he had a little pop at yours truly for not explaining how Norma (my lead character) got into the Demi-Monde.

Having recovered from the shock of a critic apologising (and with my computer STILL not allowing me to post comments) I will explain.

I have written how Norma was traduced into entering the DM, but it would have dragged the pace of 'Winter' if I'd have digressed to explain so I opted instead to indulge in a little script-tease and leave it to later books. Unfortunately having got to 'Fall' (where I had intended to do the final reveal) I suspect that that book's gonna be so long I won't have room. Maybe I'll post it on the web site when all four of the books are out there. I also have to work out how to have Norma use the Ampi-Tor devices without it getting too gynaecological!

Anyway, anyone wanting to check out Slow Reader's review it's on

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