Thursday, 12 September 2013


The last of the Demi-Monde series, The Demi-Monde: Fall, has now been published. It seems remarkable that that’s it, journey’s end, five years of researching, writing and editing 650,000 words over.

Two questions need to be asked. The first, was it worth it? And the second, given the time over again would you have done anything differently.

Was it worth it? Yeah, of course. It’s quite a buzz to have your work ‘out there’ and being shelved alongside some of the authors admire.

Would I do it differently? Yeah, most definitely. I was much too ambitious especially with regards to the structuring of the books. What I intended was the four books to be one long narrative (a little Lord of the Rings-esque) with each volume having its own flavour to ensure that the reader had something new to pique his or her interest as he/she moved from Winter, to Spring, to Summer and finally to Fall. That’s why I ended each of the books on a cliff-hanger this to try to stimulate the reader into looking out for the next in the series. What I forgot was that by doing this it’s difficult for a reader to start anywhere but at the beginning because otherwise they would be lost.

So, if I could timewarp back five years I’d probably have made each of the books a stand-alone adventure and brought it all together in the final book of the series.

But I didn’t, so tough.

Anyway, the books are finished and it’s time to move on. Tesla, anyone?

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  1. Yay, you! But despite wishing you had ended them differently, they're still very much worth the read :)

    Good luck with future endeavors :)