Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Started to play around with ideas for the cover of Invent-10n. As the novella is concerned with the effects surveillance can have on society Nigel (Nigel Robinson, the designer I work with) thought that a series of monitor screens might be the way to go. We knocked the concept around a little and that's when I remembered the montage painting called 'Myra' created by the artist Marcus Harvey so I pitched the idea to Nigel of forming the image of an eye from a collage of monitor images showing pictures of one of the novella's principals, a singer called Jenni-Fur.

Fortunately I had a whole raft of photographs of Nelli (my jazz-singing wife) in performing mode so we used those. The result is this:
I'm really quite pleased with it. The debate now is how best to show the Book Title/Authors' Name. the radical approach would be just to have the 'eye' on the front cover but it's early days yet.

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