Sunday, 28 April 2013


Here's the second preview of the illustrations that will be going into 'Fall' (excuse the typos - they're in the process of being corrected). This bit was written four years ago (doesn't time fly ...) and as I was looking for a symbol of a re-rejuvenated Britain it seemed that resuscitating the Blue Streak was the way to go. The Blue Streak was to have been the British ICBM, a totemic symbol of Britain's might and place in the world, but the deprivations of the Second World War, the country's economic decline and unease in Washington meant that the project was cancelled. All I'm hoping is that I wasn't being unwittingly prescient when I wrote this piece ...


  1. I've just seen the supposed cover image for Fall hardback on Amazon UK and I'm a little concerned as it doesn't match the first three in terms of design, it's more like the recent mass market paperback covers. What's happening with that?

  2. The Sales Department of Quercus got a little over-excited and posted the paperback cover. The artwork for nooPINC will grace the inside of the h/b cover which will be in the style of the other three (Ithink the colour is black)and feature the Pyramid that stands in the middle of Terror Incognita.