Friday, 13 July 2012


Lots of covers coming thru which I thought you might like a peek at.

Quercus are remodelling the Demi-Monde's paperback covers and the first up is 'Spring':

This, I think, is the best cover yet for the DM. Being me I had to suggest a little tinkering - the armoured steamers were refashioned in the style of the blueprint Nigel did for 'Winter's' hardback and the tricoleurs were made more slanting to show that this wasn't the Real World - but overall I think it's terrific.

The Americans by contrast have gone for something much more impactful:

I got to say that I'm not sure here, but they are the experts so I have ot bow to their expertise.

In the UK the hardback of 'Summer' (which I'm currently proof-reading) will look (something) like this:

The yin/yang dragon motif (designed by Nigel and very good it is too! ) will, hopefully be rendered in brass which will better integrate it into the cover as a whole. A good cover!

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  1. I see what you mean about the second cover. It's good but...hmmm. The first is spectacular. I think they've gone for the more traditional Sci-fi type cover. It'll fit in well. As for the Summer hardback, I think it's fab. stands out from all the rest