Sunday, 20 May 2012


Just got a first look at the cover of the third DM book 'The Demi-Monde: Summer'. It's a rough draft but I think it looks pretty good. As a lot of the action takes place in the Coven the Sino-Japanese sector of the DM I asked Nigel to come up with an appropriately yin/yangish emblem (or as the belief system of the Coven is based on the ancient philosophy of Confusionism I suppose that should be yin/yang/ying). The inter-twined dragons (dragons are a passion of Empress Wu who runs the Coven) were his idea and like all things Nigel-sian are terrific. Well done, Nig!

The Demi-Monde: Summer (draft cover)


  1. Pretty! Big disc off to the right seems a bit odd. Any word on a release date?

  2. Stopped by the local library to stock up on some books to read over the weekend. Saw The Demi-Monde: Winter in new fiction. Sounded interesting, so I grabbed a copy.

    Finished it in record time for me, couldn't put it down. Loved it.

    However was majorly disappointed at the very end of the book... not by the story, not at all.

    I saw the little note on the inside back cover, look for The Demi-Monde: Spring in Winter 2013... :( Wow, what a wait for the next part.

  3. It's been out in the UK for a while now...there are ways round these things...

  4. Hi Austin, sorry for the delay in replying, I've been distracted by 'Tesla Vs The Martians'. Not sure when SUmmer is released in the US (it's to be called 'Shadow Wars' by the way. I'll check and revert. Best Rod