Thursday, 18 August 2011


I got to see the final cover of UK edition of The Demi-Monde: Spring today, that's the second book in the DM quartet. Each of the four books is set in a season so following on from the blue of winter we have the green of spring. I think it looks pretty good and I'm quite happy with the blurb on the back (I should be, I wrote most of it!). I had wanted to do something a little more radical with the blurb: pigeongrams feature quite heavily in Spring so I concocted a Blurb-o-Gram which went like this:

I thought it added a certain je ne sais pas but the consensus was that it was too much. Shame
This second book features the character of Lilith quite heavily so I thought it appropriate that she was there on the front cover. Book sellers' sensibilities were such that she couldn't have any visible nipples so this is what Nigel came up with in the end. Anyway, the upshot is that this is the book which will be hitting the bookshops in the UK on the 27th December!


  1. Can't wait! Great to see the cover. Hope I can snag a nice hardback copy!

  2. No visible nipples? Outrageous! lol...
    Cover looks good. I've just got round to start reading Winter. I know I've taken my time to get round to it (other things just seem to jump in the way), but now I can sit down and enjoy it.